Site Toilets


Our chemical toilet products ranges from economical units suited for the most unforgiving environment, to deluxe flushable units for site offices and managers. We also offer luxury trailer units for those special site visits or functions.

Our weekly services in the Gauteng area range from Alberton in the south to Hammanskraal in the north, Brits in the West to Donkerhoek in the East.

And in the Cape Town area from Vredenburg in the west, to Caledon in the South and as far as Hopefield in the North.

Standard Site Toilet


Our most cost effective offer site toilet.

  • Standard open pail design.
  • Serviced Weekly.
  • Maximum suggested usage: 10 adults per day.

Deluxe Site Toilet


Durable flushable toilet with hand-wash basin and soap dispenser.

  • Recirculating flush mechanism.
  • Serviced Weekly.
  • Maximum suggested usage: 10 adults per day.


"Rocket" Site Toilet

Toilet hut with standard cistern toilet. Need to be connected to sewerage network.

  • Connects to sewage mains.
  • No need for servicing.
  • Maximum suggested usage: Unlimited.
  • Ideal for job sites with access to sewage network.

Storage Huts

Storage Huts

We stock a range of temporary storage structures for building sites. We offer corrugated iron sheds of various sizes and configurations:

  • Small Shed, with no window 2.1m X 2.4 m
  • Medium Shed with Window 2.1m X 3.6 m
  • Large Shed, with or without window: 2.1 X 4.8 m

Container Hire

Storage Containers

Through our partnership with Container Agents, we also offer a variety of standard and specialised container solutions:

  • 3m SHED with or without FLOOR
  • 3m STORAGE container
  • 3m ABLUTION Container with Showers
  • 6m STORAGE container
  • 6m OFFICE container
  • 6m OFFICE container including air conditioner
  • 6m INSULATED Office Container including air conditioner
  • 6m ABLUTION Container with showers
  • 12m STORAGE container
  • 12m OFFICE container
  • 12m OFFICE container including air conditioner
  • 12m INSULATED Office Container including air conditioner

Extra Services

Septic tank cleaning

We also provide vacuum pump services, including cleaning of Septic Tanks.

Contact us for more details.

Price List

All prices VAT inclusive.

Please contact us for detailed quotation and volume discounts.

Standard Site Toilet with weekly serviceR 850 per month
Deluxe (flushable) Site Toilet - Weekly RateR 450 per week
Deluxe (flushable) Site Toilet - Monthly RateR1 495 per month
Rocket Toilet (client to connect to drain)R 450 per month
Small Shed (2.1 x 2.4 m) no windowR 310 per month
Medium Shed (2.1 m x 3.6 m windowR 410 per month
Large Shed (2.1 m x 4.8 m) windowR 540 per month
Large Shed (2.1 m x 4.8 m) no windowR 530 per month
Septic TankPOR
Delivery charges incl. collection within 50 Km of depot.R 380
Delivery charges incl. collection futher than 50 Km of depot.POR

First month's rental and delivery charges are payable in advance.
We reserve the right to amend prices without notice.